Saturday, February 21, 2009

Reframe: documented

LumpWest is quite grateful for the great turnout to the opening of Reframe by Jennifer Wall. An installation of mind spinning plays on media, culture references and iconography challenged and engaged viewers in this perfectly executed project. Susurri, our special musical guest, played bravely and sweetly through another chilly LumpWest event - thank you Jaylene. Below are the images from the installation. For more information or to make an appointment for viewing, please email

Monday, January 19, 2009

Reframe, Jennifer Wall

After a long, but necessary hiatus, LumpWest is very pleased to present Jennifer Wall and her site specific installation Reframe. Opening Friday, February 13th from 7-10pm, with musical guest Susurri

In her own words:

My work investigates how cultural, social, political, historical and gender influences obscure our perceptions and dictate our relationship with objects and images.

The Victorian time period is a launching point for my interest in flux and change related to taste and décor. The origin of my research begins at the cameo; imagery of the idealized, framed woman. The cameo is often sacralized in the way it is contained or presented. I, however, have combined the cameo with the death/power/desire imagery of disembodied animal carcasses and massive waves of churning hair. The result of this juxtaposition, translating both images in new materials, and returning them within the decorative context that refers to the Victorian domestic interior has transformed my relationship to image of the cameo. I see parallels between the way a society adorns its domestic interiors and the way its inhabitants adorn their bodies. It is also impossible to ignore the ideas of “the feminine” that are inherent in the study of hair and the Victorians’ obsession with it. I look to create an inflation of the romanticized. I often think of Botticelli’s Birth of Venus while I am melting wax together to create the illusion of huge swells of hair, and I see many connections between Venus’ sea birth and the romanticism of her hair.

I find in the Victorian era and its contemporary remnants a rich, deep and romantic aesthetic; full of tension, and ripe for investigation. My intent is to re-examine our perception of imagery and how this relationship affects the production and reception of objects.

Opening Friday, February 13th from 7-10pm, with musical guest Susurri

Saturday, March 22, 2008

lost and found

from the 'contract' performance and show:

C|R|R installation opening pics

...there was a Raleigh, Brooklyn, Alabama, Portland, Eugene quadulation thing happening at LumpWest last night. The new Fontanelle Gallery from Portland paid us a visit, and LumpWest was thrilled, as always, when like minds connect. Mr. Crosby and his bodyguards were in attendance as well as a few of the usual suspects. An elegant and odd installation reflecting Mr. Crosby's fascination with the subculture of eco and animal rights activists. Frankly his statement for the show would be hard to improve. LumpWest was thrilled to host the work and looks forward to a long relationship with this Crosby guy.

...a 40 minute video of a lonely, idle elf fending
for himself after having ratted out his cohorts in crime....


...handmade fake matches in gouache and paper,
on the front is the logo for the Vail ski resort which
was an eco-terrorist site.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Catch / Release / Release
Jerstin Crosby
LumpWest Project Space,
2493 Harris at the corner of Harris and 25th Ave, Eugene, OR
enter off 25th Ave.
Opening reception: 7-9pm Friday, March 21, 2008

Jerstin Crosby is a 28 year-old interdisciplinary artist who currently lives and works in Raleigh, North Carolina. Crosby has been an active member of the Lump Gallery-based, Team Lump, since 2004 For LumpWest, Crosby will be presenting, Catch / Release / Release, a multi-media cross-examination of environmental activism, and animal rights extremism. On display will be his drawings of so-called "Eco-terrorists", with masks on, cuddling the animals they have liberated. Crosby writes, "I am struck by the acute juxtaposition between the serene, almost god-like, A.L.F. (animal liberation front) members and the, often, vacant expressions of the animals they embrace."
Also, Crosby will show a 40 min. performance video piece called, Fire-Starter (E.L.F.), in which the artist dresses in an elf costume, lights a fire in a pit, and watches and waits as the fire goes out. It plays more as boredom, than as a survival necessity. He made this video as a response to his research of the E.L.F., most notable for their grand arsons of ski resorts and Hummer dealerships. The elf in the video is an outcast, he is possibly the mole that put his friends in jail, or he is lost; he could even be at home.
During his stay in Oregon, Jerstin will be planting a large medicinal herb garden in the shape of an anarchy symbol. This mark on the land, is not meant as a symbol of political anarchy, but a warning of chaos from the eco-system. While the location of the garden will not be revealed, documentation from the event will be available at Catch / Release / Release.

Monday, November 26, 2007


...a photo update, very late, of the RPS show. Ben Young, James Alexander and Ashley Sloane are quite simply beautiful people, insightful artists and dear friends.-lumpwest

LumpWest will host the latest super-talents to come out of Eugene. Now based in Portland, LumpWest's love and admiration for these three is immeasurable. Here's their realease/statement. The Show is Fri, Nov 30, 7-9pm, dress warmly.

Rock Paper Scissor Art Club proudly announces its inaugural show
Relapse, Friday November 30th at LumpWest Gallery. Hailing from Portland, Oregon this irreverent triumvirate displays two and three dimensional works by James Humphrey, Ashley Sloan and Ben Young. In Relapse, the members of Rock Paper Scissor self-consiously reminisce about the people they were years ago, ruminating within their misplaced histories and relics. With this show they dust off old appearances, beliefs, rituals and identities they haven't dared approach in years. Come remember with us through works excavating such topics as cowgirls, pornography and pinatas. Friday, November 30th, LumpWest, 7 pm For more information email or visit our blog at

Thursday, October 25, 2007

"The Crypto-Zoetropical Pursuit"

A strongly built collection of data clearly convinced the crowd of several highly functional theories; the sounds of trees, the wretched and tragic rock-stardom of the Son of Sasqwatch, the plethora of digital glitch phenomena, and the important continued pursuit of crypto-zoetropics. Disbelief was not merely suspended, for most, but thoroughly discarded. Don Haugen unveiled the audio emitted by the trees, and in Oregon that's a lot of sound. The unheard became clearly audible. A fresh sample was captured and released in our presence, we know what we heard. The Son of Sasqwatch made an appearance and never has LumpWest beens so moved, entranced and touched. The photos prove he was there though they are now being contested concerning their authenticity. Those who were there know what we saw. Metaphortean Professor at large, Carl Diehl, presented all stages of the evening's data presentation and screened the collection of samples culled from around the globe, each from deep within the digital realm. Lastly, Ryan Dunn equisitely articulated bent circuitry. He revealed to us a world of sounds only he can mine from the soldered connections and wires of previously thought "dead" and discarded electronics. His moment was poetic, gutteral and raised many questions about his discipline and his reasearch, but none remotely doubtful.

LumpWest was tired as he greeted the guest artists, questioning the value of such a small, fringe little venue. The artists were smart, committed and sincere, and this started to change LumpWest's hesitation about the project space. Then there was the show. It was as pure and right as any project space has ever experienced. The live audio was intense and a joy to see performed. Son of Sasqwatch was, to put it simply, brilliant. Whomever gets to work with this Mr. Jason Jones is certainly lucky. This kid is gifted as a maker, and we knew that, but the furry transformation of the Son of Saqwatch was seriously tight, and those feet! -but when it came to the performance, well was fabulous. I was hypnotized and frightened, all the while feeling an intense sympathy for the character. For everybody who rolls their eyes when you mention performance, this was the moment to see an act of theater/mocumentary/dance/fable that would change your opinion. Without the guidance and fortitude of one of the hardest working artists I know, I suppose none of it would have gotten off the ground. Carl Diehl gets it. He knows good work has to be shown and heard and has curated and befriended some other smart artists like himself to carry out his crazy and lovable science of the mad, fabled and electronic. My sincerest gratitude to all the participating artists, LumpWest is proud. A big furry thank you to all who sat through the freezing willamette valley cold too. People came, that means the underground still has a heat beat.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Crypto-Zoetropical Pursuit

The Crypto-Zoetropical Pursuit:
and other adventures into the technocultural unknown!

Saturday October 20th @ LumpWest, Eugene (Harris/24th), 8pm

Cryptozoology, the study of hidden, unknown or mystery animals, is a field known for its inquiries into creatures like the Bigfoot and Loch Ness Monster. This marginal pursuit constitutes a challenge to established scientific authority by presenting alternative theories and new taxonomic models. Conceptually similar, experimental media art is marked by a belief that hidden forms of knowledge exist outside of high-tech systems, routine procedures and traditional methodologies.

Supposing there are Bigfeet in our midst, what sort of hidden, unknown and mystery animations exist? The artists included in the “Crypto-Zoetropical Pursuit” screening explore previously imperceptible animals and animations, from computer glitches to the outer limits of image interpolation, circuit-bent videogames to surprising spectacles.
Artists include: LoVid (NYC), Gijs Gieskes (Netherlands), Gretchen Hogue (Portland), Jesse England (Springfield), Eric Ostrowski (Seattle), noteNdo (Baltimore), Daniel Heila (Eugene) and Carl Diehl (Portland).

Plus! Held in conjunction with the 40th anniversary of the infamous Bigfoot filmstrip - recorded on October 20th, 1967 by Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin-- this showcase celebrates with Eugene’'D5s Jason Jones fantastic “Son of Sasquatch” performance. Additionaladventures into the unknown will manifest in the live electronic compositions of Ryan Dunn (Portland) and Don Haugen (Eugene).

Saturday October 20th @ LumpWest, Eugene (Harris/24th), 8pm
For more information contact:
and/or visit: